Black 100% Japanese Cupro

Black 100% Japanese Cupro

The softest and drapiest fabric we have ever had the priviledge to source and supply - its feels like sandwashed silk, has a Drape that is incredible and is perfect for beginners and professional dressmakers. 

Drape - 10/10
Softness: 10/10
Opaque : 7/10  (ever so slightly sheer when has light in the background) 
145cm wide

RRP: £25! This is being sold on ebay for that amount! We have been lucky to get it ridiculously cheap and we are happy and proud to be able to reflect this in the price we charge you! 

Deadstock Japanese Cupro
100% Cupro 
While stocks last! 

What is Cupro? 
Cupro originates in the natural cotton plant and is reborn with the infusion of human technology. Therefore, it features both the gentleness of natural fibres and the functionality of man-made fibers.Each Cupro fibre is extremely fine and has circular cross sections, largely free from the unevenness of natural fibres, and uniform in thickness. One touch, and the difference is clear. Cupro is softer than cotton.

2 x Matching Gutermann Thread (100m each) -



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